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February 2009 :

Fredo Wrote: Hi, Julie. I was wondering if you could tell me where you got the pink scarf + hat that you wore to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade? My mother really loved it + I also noticed a breast cancer awareness ribbon design on the button. Breast cancer awareness is a cause that's dear to our hearts, since we lost my grandmother to it. I'd love to buy my mother a hat + scarf like yours for Christmas. Thanks so much.

Julie's Response: The hat I wore on the Thanksgiving Day Parade is from Juicy Coture. It is actually beige, not pink. However, the scarf was pink.

From Stephanie: Hi Julie! As the World Turns has been my favorite soap for years, and you have been a wonderful addition to the cast. Keep up the awesome work! My question is, how are you surviving your first winter in New York City?

Julie's Response: Billy and I really enjoy N.Y. We are having a blast walking everywhere. We like the change of seasons here, seeing as both of us grew up in California where the weather is a constant 72 degrees.

From ap215: Hi Julie, I just want to say you're doing a wonderful job as Janet on ATWT keep up the good work. And i have a question which actors or actresses on ATWT and/or at CBS do you get along with off the set.I hope you're enjoying NYC and best of luck to you on ATWT Julie take care.

Sincerely, ap215

Julie's Response: I like working with everyone on the show. I think Terri Colombino is one of the funniest chicks on the planet, and Maura West is an excellent actress. We have bonded over bad t.v. shows and really good beer. I am really happy that Jon Lindstrom has joined the cast seeing as he is one of my closest friends in real life. Now Billy and I have someone from back home to go out with. In fact, they are going out together tomorrow night while I am out of town at an appearance in Georgia with Austin Peck. If anyone is in Macon, or Savannah this weekend, look for Austin and Myself at The Anderson Conference Center in Macon on Sat. and The Savannah International Trade and Convention Center in Savannah on Sunday!

December 2008:

MileenaWins Wrote: Your execise regime? What do you do for your cardio to keep it from getting too boring?

Julie's Response: My workout regime is simple. I run with my border-collie, Maggie May. She keeps me going. And I feel bad if I don't go on a run because I would be disappointing her. she LOOOVES it!

CharmingAngel Wrote: Do you consider yourself a famous person? Can you go on the street without a bunch of people running after you and call your name?

Julie's Response: I don't consider myself famous at all. That is one of the joys of being a soap actor. People leave you alone for the most part. I would never want to have the life of Angelina Jolie, or Katie Holmes. I enjoy my privacy.


Julie's Response: I am not going on the cruise this year because, when they planned it, I was not on any soap at the time. I was in between Days, and ATWT. I wish I was going! I had fun with you and your wife, Don!

Tanya Wrote: Hi Julie.. I have been a long time viewer of ATWT & Jack and Carly have always been my favorite couple. Until you you joined ATWT and I became an immediate fan of yours. Jack and Janet are now my favorite couple. I enjoy watching ATWT much more since you joined the cast. You are GREAT! I love your acting, your personality, and I believe you bring out the best in ATWT. You have become my favorite actress. I looked at your Bio and learned your Birthday is a day before mine..So Happy belated Birthday! I as well am from California and wanted to know if you moved to New York when you joined ATWT? Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you for making ATWT enjoyable to watch. You are awesome!

Julie's Response: I moved to New York because my husband and I wanted to. We were in the middle of looking for an apt. in NY when I got the call from Chris Goutman about the part of Janet. It was meant to be! We not only got to move to NY, but we got to move with a JOB! I love it here. The weather is getting cold now and I love it. Take Care!


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