Julie has offered to answer fan questions when they come onto the site and each time Julie updates her answers, they will be posted here for everyone to see. If you have a question for Julie click here to learn how to ask Julie a question.

December 2008:

MileenaWins Wrote: Your execise regime? What do you do for your cardio to keep it from getting too boring?

Julie's Response: My workout regime is simple. I run with my border-collie, Maggie May. She keeps me going. And I feel bad if I don't go on a run because I would be disappointing her. she LOOOVES it!

CharmingAngel Wrote: Do you consider yourself a famous person? Can you go on the street without a bunch of people running after you and call your name?

Julie's Response: I don't consider myself famous at all. That is one of the joys of being a soap actor. People leave you alone for the most part. I would never want to have the life of Angelina Jolie, or Katie Holmes. I enjoy my privacy.


Julie's Response: I am not going on the cruise this year because, when they planned it, I was not on any soap at the time. I was in between Days, and ATWT. I wish I was going! I had fun with you and your wife, Don!

Tanya Wrote: Hi Julie.. I have been a long time viewer of ATWT & Jack and Carly have always been my favorite couple. Until you you joined ATWT and I became an immediate fan of yours. Jack and Janet are now my favorite couple. I enjoy watching ATWT much more since you joined the cast. You are GREAT! I love your acting, your personality, and I believe you bring out the best in ATWT. You have become my favorite actress. I looked at your Bio and learned your Birthday is a day before mine..So Happy belated Birthday! I as well am from California and wanted to know if you moved to New York when you joined ATWT? Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you for making ATWT enjoyable to watch. You are awesome!

Julie's Response: I moved to New York because my husband and I wanted to. We were in the middle of looking for an apt. in NY when I got the call from Chris Goutman about the part of Janet. It was meant to be! We not only got to move to NY, but we got to move with a JOB! I love it here. The weather is getting cold now and I love it. Take Care!

October 2008:

Deb Wrote: I love the character Janet and Julie plays her so well. I noticed that she wears the same necklace all the time on the show. Has she always worn it on other shows or is it new to this part? It is the most unique thing I have seen in a long time. Deb

Julie's response: The necklace is new and picked out by the costume designer. I have no idea where it comes from.

January 2008:

I use Keratase hair products. My stylist at Days turned me on to them. The shampoo is the volumizing one. I wash my hair everyday cause I work out in the morning. Lately, they have been putting extensions in my hair. Now that my hair is longer, it needs the volume that extentions give. I wear clip-on extentions that my hairstylist got for me at beauty supply store. I take them out when I am not working. I don't know the brand of extentions. I think my stylist, Matthew, bought the hair and sewed on the clips, then he cut them to the length we agreed on. Lots of the girls on the show have them now. It looks better on camera.

As for the soap cruise, I had a blast. If they ask me again next year, I'll go for sure. I love seeing the fans, and getting to know them. I am just as curious about them as they are of me! What great, down to earth people. They are the reason I have a job. I can't thank them enough.

I am off to Lake Tahoe to hook up with my gorgeous husband, who is already there enjoying the glorious powder that God made over the weekend. I am taking my yorkie, Harry, for his first plane trip ever! Wish us luck!

Happy New Year to all! Thank you for all that you do for the actors, and Days of Our Lives. LONG LIVE DAYS!

September 2007:

"I don't have the answer to the earring question. I just wear plain hoops. The makeup that I use is foundation-Cleu de Peau #30. The blush is Nars "orgasm", the lips are Stila #14 lip pencil and most likely, Chanel lip gloss in "twinkle" They always use browns, deep plums, and black shadow on my eyes. My makeup artist is the best one I've ever had. His name is Glenn and he just came to the show about 4 months ago. My hair, I don't know about. I usually do the color myself, but this time I went to a professional. I think the color was mixed from scratch. Hope this helps everyone! Take care. Jules"