Daytime Gives Back: New York
08 Aug 2009

On Thursday, August 6th, Julie, Jon Lindstorm, Van Hansis, Marnie Schulenburg and others participated in "Daytime Gives Back," a joint effort between the Daytime Emmys and Feed the Children.

Go here to view a We Love Soaps video clip that includes Julie from the event. Head over to We Love Soaps to read a recap of this event.

Also, you may view photos of Daytime Gives Back here. We will be adding full size photos from this event to the gallery soon.

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Ask Julie Updated
30 Jul 2009

Julie answered a new round of questions recently in the midst of her busy schedule and they are now posted here. For those who have sent in questions, rest assured that they've been sent in to Julie for further responses in the future :) Thanks again for supporting Julie everyone! To read Julie's responses click the link below:

Ask Julie

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Gallery Status
24 Jul 2009

Just to let everyone know we recently moved to a new web server so everything had to be moved over and the gallery had to be started again from scratch. With that thought in mind I just want to let everyone know that if they were registered for the gallery, they will need to re-register again because of the change. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks again for your patience. Also thanks to lilacstarone for a lot of the great scans in the gallery.

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Billy in a short film
16 Jun 2009

Hey everyone, this is a bit off topic, but Julie's husband Billy Warlock is in a short film contest taking place on the Netflicks website. To show your support for Billy and vote for the short film he's in please click the link below. The film is under the title "Ivan Hurzeler; Church" :

Click here to vote for Billy in the short film "Church".

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Julie talks about her Emmy nomination
11 Jun 2009

CBS recently put up a short video of Julie talking about her Emmy nomination. To view the clip click here.

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Gallery Updated
11 Jun 2009

Thanks to lilacstarone a great many caps and scans have been added to the gallery for everyone to view.

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Canyon News Article on Julie
27 May 2009

There's a Canyon News Article talking about the Daytime Emmy Awards and why the author feels that Julie deserves a win. To read it check it out click here.

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Michael Bruno talks about Julie's Emmy Nomination
19 May 2009

Thanks to lilacstarone for pointing out the the Brandon's Buzz podcast on Blog Talk Radio where Julie's manager Michael Bruno talks about Julie's nomination and more in regard to the upcoming Emmy awards. To check it out click here.

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