Pinson's Eve broke up Kevin and Lucy's wedding then moved in on the groom!

All About Eve

(Soap's In Depth Sept. 21, 1999)

Who says bad girls never win? For an ex-hooker, Dr. Eve Lambert hasn't fared too poorly in the romance department, having Scotty in her past and Kevin in her present. Too bad Eve couldn't have both guys! "You mean like pass each other around?" laughs her portrayer, Julie Pinson. "In my fan mail, at first it was 'You and Scotty! You and Scotty!' Then they saw Eve and Kevin together; now they're, 'Gee, we like Kevin and Eve!'" Then, of course, there are the "old die-hard fans who knew when Scotty and Lucy were together, so they want them together." So how does Pinson see the equation playing out? "Honestly, it all seems pretty equal to me." With DV creating some havoc in her life these days, is Eve at her breaking point? "Since I don't think she believes in suicide, she has to keep going on. Deep down inside, she believes that she has a chance at a good life. That's what she keeps reaching for. Even though she keeps getting socked in the jaw every other week, Eve is a fighter and she's going to fight to the end." But who'll be by her side?