Julie Pinson (Eve, Port Charles)
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Applause, Applause

Outstanding Performer of the Week of June 29

(Soap Opera Weekly 1998)

As Eve Frantically tried to free Serena from her burning car during the opening moments of the June 29 Port Charles episode, Julie Pinson displayed a precise understanding of her character and her predicament that she sustained for the entire week. Eve is the closest thing to a vixen o nthe PC canvas, and the recent revelation that she was a prostitute before she became a doctor seemed to make that label a bit more appropriate. But looking at Eve only on that level would do a great disservice to both the actress and the character. Pinson's performance proved there is much more to Eve---and to Pinson's range.

Pinson shone during so many moments. She tempered Eve's hysteris as she struggled to save Serena with a parental maturity that was startling because we hadn't seen that side of Eve before. her attempt to explain to Scott what had happened was slow and deliverate. Eve told the story moment by moment, not wanting to leave out anything. Pinson's perfomance was just as precise, showing that she wanted to do full justice to this pivotal monoglogue.

When Scott banished Eve from going anywhere near him or Serena, Pinson's behavior reflected the demeanor of a punished child begging for a second chance. When Kevin hugged Eve, the relief that her face registered was a cathartic for the audience as Kevin's gesture mus have been for her.

Pinson shone most brightly when Eve sat with Serena, trying to explain what had happened to the comatose child. Eve was desperate for her relationship with the little girl to remain the same, and for the tragedy she had been a part of to have a happy ending. Our hearts broke for Eve. Thanks to Pinson's performance, the character became less the vixen and more the tragic heroine.

Travis Kinsey