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November 2010 :

From Semaj: hi julie i love you on atwt as janet and i love dusty and janet pairing. what is your favorite dusty and janet scenes?

Julie's Response: My favorite Dusty and Janet scenes are the ones that we had fun in. I remember one where we had to shoot each other with a garden hose. He got me pretty badly! I was soaked!

From Chelsea: As a long time As The World Turns fan I hate not being able to watch the show each day on my tv. I loved seeing you as Janet and I was wondering now that the show is over, what do you miss the most about being on it?

Julie's Response: The thing I miss the most about the show besides the paycheck (let's be honest here), are the people. I miss the crew and some of the actors. It was nice to go in and get your hair done by a professional. I don't miss getting up at 5am to take the subway into Brooklyn to the studio.

From Becca: Hey Julie! I'm soooo glad that you gave twitter a try. How do you like it so far? Becca

Julie's Response: As far as the twitter thing goes, I'm still not doing it much. It's not something I think about often. In fact I think it's been a couple weeks since I was on. I'm still not on facebook either. I can barely email! Just ask Brandy Rae!! I'll try to do it more often. It's fun to get your responses right back!

August 2010 :

From ap215: Hi Julie, Would you consider joining One Life To Live and working with other actors like Michael Easton, Gina Tognoni etc.?

Julie's Response: I would love to work with Michael Easton again. He and I had a good time on Port Charles together.

From Maria Russo: I think you are gorgeous and an outstanding actress. I love to watch when you are on. Could you please tell me what color they use on your hair; the color is beautiful. I would love to try it. Please don't leave the show until the end. You are great!

Julie's Response: I don't know what color they use on my hair. It's a brown with a little red mixed in. I've asked my colorist, and she said she just mixes up the color.

From littlebutt3rfly: I am so sad to see ATWT coming near it's end and will miss you as Janet *sad face* But I absolutely love Janet's clothes! In the scene where Dusty, Johnny and Janet go to the cinema I saw she was wearing a floral H&M top. I was so happy to see that since I have it to ^^ What are your favorite shops?

Julie's Response: I love to shop at Target!!! I can spend a couple hours walking up and down every isle.

April 2010 :

From Judi: Julie, you are doing such a remarkable job as Janet Cicone on ATWT. I have to say, your skin just glows! I was wondering what type of makeup you use to give you such a fresh and vibrant appearance.

Julie's Response: I don't know the brand of makeup that the show uses on me because it is a mix of what looks like silly putty all smushed up together. However, I can tell you that the cream I use at home on my face is Creme de La Mer. It is expensive, but totally worth it as far as I am concerned. I have also always washed my face with Dove.

From Deborah: Hi Julie i am enjoying your character on atwt! I am wondering about the name of the peachy lip color you are wearing lately? it looks great!

Julie's Response: The lip color I wear is called "bubble gum". It is by a no name makeup brand. I am not kidding. ATWT doesn't use any fancy or name products. The only name product I can tell you is I wear 1000 calorie mascara by Max Factor, and the lip liner I use is my own. It is by Stila and is #14.

March 2010 :

From Pamela: Hi Julie, I love your new hair color! Can you tell me the red shade color? I'm thinking about going red myself and I really like your shade. Thanks

Julie's Response: My hair color is a level 6 red copper.

From Linda: I want to ask you, what your plans are when as the world turns stops in September this year.I want to say that i think your a very good actress and your so funny in as the world turns and so gut! You're one of my favourites!

Julie's Response: Billy and I plan on staying in NY after the show is finished. I will be auditioning again. Just looking for another job. I will miss the crew and the actors at ATWT. I had a great time.

July 2009 :

From Karen : Hi Julie you are an awesome addition to ATWT. The show is so much better with you on it. Lately you have been wearing some awesome scarves. Then again all your clothes are great!!! Can you suggest 1 or 2 place I might be able to find cool scarves ???

Julie's Response: I get scarfs from H&M. Or Target. I Looove Target!

From Stephanie: Hi Julie! Congrats on your Emmy nomination! It is so well deserved. I absolutely love your new hair color! I was wondering how the change came about and whether or not you had to get pre-approval from the show or CBS?

Julie's Response: I told ATWT that I wanted to go red and they said " cool". I like to change it up once in a while. I like my husband to have something new to look at. Don't want him to get bored....:)

Thanks to all the well-wishers about the nomination. I'm looking forward to the parties. Looking into the dress situation now... Looking forward to seeing my west-coast friends.
Thanks for the cookies from Jacket fans. I love my chocolate! Yum!

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