May 2009 :

From Mark : Hi Julie, I really enjoyed the scenes between Janet and Emma "fighting" in the Snyder kitchen. What's it like working with Kathleen Widdoes? And would you like to work more with the other veterans on the show?

Julie's Response: Mark-I would love to work with Dr. Bob as well as Eileen Fulton. They are not used nearly enough. Kathleen Widdoes is a hoot! She has the greatest sense of humor. She is a Dames-Dame!

From Ap215 : Hi Julie, I have a question about New York since you and Billy have been here for one year how much do you enjoy The Big Apple. Thanks Julie take care. Sincerely, ap215

Julie's Response: Ap215-Billy and I adore The Big Apple. We want to live here for the rest of our lives.

From Robert: Julie, I absolutely love your portrayal of Janet. When, I first started watching, I thought... is that.. Stockard Channing? I hate to compare one actor/actress to another as I believe he/she is their own unique individual. And, while I can see similarities I also see the differences in yours and Stockard's delivery. My question is... (heehee) who's tougher? Janet Ciccone or Rizzo?

Julie's Response: Robert- Looove Stockard Channing. I always wanted to play her part in Grease. I liked her waaay better than Sandy. Thanks for the comparison. I think Janet and Rizzo would have been best friends in high school.

From Nicole: What inspired you to be an actress?

Julie's Response: Nicole- My mother inspired me to become an actress. She was an opera singer when I was growing up. I used to love to see her on stage in full costume and makeup. She was "Da Bomb"!

From Angie: What was the greatest transition for you going from Days of our Lives to As the World Turns?

Julie's Response: Angie- The biggest transition from Days to ATWT was the quality of writing. The show I am on now is so much more consistent with story and character. It is truly one of the best written shows on daytime.

April 2009 :

From Mark : Hi Julie,
I've been a fan of As the World Turns for years now. I think you've done a great job with the character of Janet. I needed some time to warm up to her, but now she's one of my favorite characters. My favorite couple is Luke and Noah and I really loved the scene last summer between Janet/Nuke about the gay rooster. Did you like working with Van and Jake (even if it was brief) and are there actors on the show you would love to work more with?

Julie's Response: Mark, Hey there, I loved the scene with Luke and Noah. I would love to work with them some more. I think Janet and those guys would be good friends if they had more scenes together. Janet and Julie(me) love the gay boys! They are our bestest friends!!!

From CharmingAngel: Describe yourself in 3 words

Julie's Response: Charming Angel, I can describe myself in three words: Funny, warm, and totally cool. haha!

From Stephanie: What is your favorite Jack and Janet scene?

Julie's Response: Stephanie, My favorite Jack and Janet scene is when Janet found out that Jack almost slept with Carly, and Janet told Jack to take off. I love the fact that Janet isn't a push over. She is strong and has learned a lot over the
years from her mistakes.

From James: Hello, We love Julie's role in As the World Turns. My wife believes she is a principle character in current Activia ads. Is this correct? If so, I owe my wife a very expensive dinner (be truthful now).

Best regards,

Julie's Response: James, I have not been in an Activia ad. You were right. Take your wife out to an expensive dinner anyway. She deserves it!

From Christian: Back when you were on Port Charles, I was a huge fan of Chris & Eve. I was wondering what you thought about when it came down to how they actually ended those two without ever giving them a chance of being together. Plus, do you still keep in contact with Nolan North. You two were always my favorites when I watched that!

Julie's Response: Christian, I loved Chris and Eve together. They were funny and very good friends. I would have liked the writers to have explored the relationship further, but alas, they were destined to be just friends. I have not spoken to Nolan in years. I hear he is doing well in the voice-over arena. I miss him.

From April: Hey Julie, ever since you have landed a spot on As The World Turns I have absolutely loved the character of Janet! You do such an amazing job and I just wanted to let you know you are doing a fantastic job and I just LOVE Jack/Janet together. They are my favorite couple to watch and I was just wondering how you liked working with Michael Park and how you feel about being on this show?

Julie's Response: April, Michael Park is a wonderful actor. I am blessed to have come on the show and been put into a story with him.. He makes me a better actor. I really like ATWT. It got me to New York, and they have been very good to me. I'll stay till they boot me out.

From Aiden: Julie, just wanted to say that I love you on As The World Turns! You are doing a fantastic job. One question I have is ‘What is your favorite part about being on the show?’ I think you are doing a fantastic job and keep up the great work!

Julie's Response: Aiden, My favorite part of being on the show is getting to work with nice people. I enjoy working with Austin Peck and would love to have more scenes with him.

Thanks to everyone for the questions and the birthday wishes for Billy. I passed them on to him and it made him feel loved.

Talk soon everyone!!!

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