Do you have a question for Julie? If so then please take the time to fill out the form below and the question will be passed on to Julie. When Julie has the time she tries to answer the questions that are submitted by her fans, but before you send in questions, here are a few guidelines we ask you to follow:

#1 Do not ask storyline questions what so ever. When asking Julie a question please refrain from attempting to ask storyline questions about upcoming scenes, etc. Julie cannot tell us about direction of storyline, so please do not even ask as any questions about storylines will not be answered.

#2 Be Respectful Julie is kind enough to offer to answer a few fan questions when she has the time for the site and because of that I request everyone be respectful when asking her a question. It's alright to tell Julie what a wonderful job you think she's doing in her role, but please be polite and courteous with whatever question you're asking. Questions that are too personal in nature or inappropriate will not be acceptable so please try to refrain from those type of questions that are deemed too personal in nature. Although Julie is willing to answer questions for her fans remember she is also a very private person as well about her personal life and should be respected as such

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