Billie's surprise return to Salem this past September put Hope on guard on Days of our Lives. But this week, Bo's former love is packing her bags to return to Europe. "Billie admits to Hope that she's still in love with Bo, but she's decided she is not going to be a home-wrecker this time," says her portrayer, Julie Pinson. "The best thing for her to do is to leave town."

Making a graceful exit won't be easy, since a piece of Billie and Bo's past is coming back to life. "When Billie and Bo were at the DiMera island compound in the control room, Billie loaded some files off the computer that she gave to the ISA," Pinson explains. "The ISA actually found out that their daughter Georgia is still alive."

Hope is among the first to learn the news. She realizes it can't be kept from her rival, who has already made her way to the airport — even if it throws Hope right back into a torrid love triangle. "Billie's going to want to find her daughter, which means she'll need Bo's help," Pinson points out. "Hope should consider Billie a threat. It would be no fun otherwise."