Fremont Christian School, Fremont, Ca., Moreau High School, Hayward, Ca., Mission San Jose High School, Fremont, Ca.

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SHE'S SO POPULAR: "I was the social butterfly. The only reason I went to school was because all my friends were going. I didn't go to learn. I only went because I had cheerleading practice and drama club."

BUS STOP: "Those were the good old days, riding on the bus with the basketball or the football team. Going to away games, listening to Journey's Escape or Foreigner on our boom boxes."

GOT THE LOOK: "Guess jeans were really big, as were Gloria Vanderbilt and Calvin Klein, the designer jeans. I was only allowed to have one pair of those. My look was Guess jeans, pink Reebok tennis shoes, IZOD shirts with the collar flipped up and Vuarnet sunglasses. Oh! and legwarmers too."

Cheer She Is: "I got to spend Fridays in my little cute cheerleading uniform and everybody else was stuck in their Catholic uniforms." Also pictured: Friend Carolyn


I LOVE THE NIGHT LIFE: "I used to sneak out of the house with my girlfriends when I was a senior in high school and we'd go into San Francisco to the underground new wave clubs. Never got caught."

PURPLE HAZE: "I had purple hair at one point. Cellophanes were really big in the eighties. When they put it on my hair, my hair was so absorbant that it just sort of turned this burgandy/purpleish shade and I was known in high school as the girl with the purple hair. It's even in our yearbook."

CRUSH ON YOU: "When I was a kid, it was Donny Osmond. In high school, it was Scott Baio, baby, the JOANIE LOVES CHACHI years and Rob Lowe from St. Elmo's Fire. The best. In St. Elmo's fire, Demi Moore played a character called Jules and ever since that movie, I wanted people to call me Jules 'cause I thought she was so cool."

Three Time A Lady: "I wore the same dress to all three of the proms I went to. It was by Gunne Sax and had white gloves, too!"

LOVE BITES: "My biggest heartbreak was when I asked someone to the senior prom and they turned me down and he was an underclassman too. Idiot! But I ended up going to three proms."