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(Soap Opera Digest: Feb. 14, 2005)

Bo Loves Hope, BUT He's Found His Groove With Billie

Peter Reckell (Bo) told Soap Opera Digest that he loves working with Kristian Alfonso (Hope), BUT he's found his groove with Julie Pinson (Billie). He said, "Julie and I have a lot of fun together; she's just a fun, fun lady. What makes it very special for me is I've got two talented and pretty women to work off of. I'm very, very fortunate to come to work and do what I do every day. I feel Julie's made the role [of Billie] her own. She's doing a great job.

It's always difficult when you have to follow other actresses in a role. It's funny, because a lot of the history between Bo and Billie is not the history that the two of us have played together. So we're having to make up this history as we go along. It's rather interesting. Especially filming those newly created flashbacks. We're having those all the time." He laughs. "Bo was a different actor [Robert Kelker Kelly] when he was in love with Billie and
pulling her out of the drug stuff. And now it's me having to do that and it's the same with Julie [Lisa Rinna played Billie back then]. I didn't watch old tapes. We're leaving it up to Jim Reilly and we're finding out along with the audience what Jim has in mind."

Classic Lines

(Soap Opera Digest: Feb. 22, 2005)
(The pilot has impeccable timing as Bo and Billie argue on the plane.)
Bo: "Damn it, Billie, can't you see I'm only doing this 'cause I love you?"
Billie: "What exactly did you mean by that?"
Pilot's Voice: "Fasten your seat belts, folks, I'm afraid it's gonna be a bumpy ride."

The Plane Truth:

Bo's (Peter Reckell) admission to Billie (Julie Pinson) caused turbulence.