Julie Pinson bids Eve a fond farewell

Fairy Tale Weddings

(Soap's InDepth: Feb. 6, 2001)

Without Further Interruption

No bride wants to be shown up on her wedding day, especially by the ghost of her groom's former fiancee! But that's exactly what happened when Eve Lambert's perfect day was interrupted by madwoman Estelle Reese, who brought the ceremony to a screeching halt by claiming that kevin was responsible for the death of her daughter, Grace! After husstling off Estelle with her equally demented daughter--Kevin's archenemy Rachel Locke--the bride and groom took a moment to regroup, vowed nothing would ever come between them again, and went on with the ceremony, pledging their love before family and friends. "The highlight of Eve and Kevin's wedding were the [special] vows," recalls Eve's portrayer, Julie Pinson. Despite the rocky start to the day (not to mention a poisoned wedding cake!), the couple ended their first day as husband and wife by making love on the beach at the foot of the lightohuse they now would call home.