SID: Port Charles In Depth

FLY Away

That’s a Fact: Pinson is a horror-novel enthusiast.

The saga of Ian and Eve’s past-life love affair captured the imagination of viewers and cast members alike.  And while it's difficult to know for sure if such a thing is possible, the romantic in Julie Pinson (Eve) would like to think so.  "I saw the part where Eve died and Ian's holding her in his arms and sobbing over his lost love," she says, "That got me!"But when it comes to her own history, Pinson envisions a very different kind of tale.  "Sometimes I think that if there was such a thing as a past life, then I was a bird," she ventures, noting the irony that her last name in French is a type of bird. "In my dreams, if I ever have to get away from something, I always fly."  Not only does Pinson dream of flying, she wants to experience it first-hand. "If I could, I'd love to learn to fly some day--I just feel I was meant to," she says. "I even have wings on my tattoo!"