After several weeks of a hectic work schedule, it was with much anticipation that Julie PInson (Eve) headed off to Cancun, Mexico, with gal pals Ion Overman (Gabriella) and Opal Anchel, (ex-Arianna). "It was the best vacation I've ever had!" Pinson enthuses.  The tight knit threesome checked into the Club Med resort and embarked on a week of rest and relaxation.  "I did nothing all day long, which was great because I didn’t have to," Pinson notes with relief.  "So many times you go on vacation with people and they're like,'Let's go do this or go see that.' But this was a whole week of laying on the beach or by the pool, then sleeping and partying all night long."  But for the three beautiful ladies, who didn’t tell anyone they were American actresses, the best part of the trip was meeting so many new people. 

"In the evenings we'd do dinner and dancing and participate in the shows--I'm very social, so it was great!" Pinson enthuses, adding that they were even invited to the home of a very "cute" Italian man.