SOD 9/24/04

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Billie's back--and first appears this week on the island. While hunting for Hope in the jungle, Bo happens upon a dark-haired woman. He thinks it's his wife, but when he turns her over, he realizes that it's his ex. A stunned Billie can't believe he's real. "She says, 'There's only one way to find out if it's you.' and she goes in for a kiss," smiles Julie Pinson (Billie). "After she kisses him, she realizes it's really him."

As for what Billie is doing on the island, Pinson reports. "She doesn't know how she came to be there. She was kidnapped, but doesn't know by whom. But she is very happy to see Bo." For Pinson, it was a welcome first scene on her new soap. "My first day on the set I get to kiss Peter Reckell? Very happy." she enthuses. "Thank God. I'm back on a show because I love this part of my job. I'm boy crazy. I really am. And Peter is just so cool."

Bo and Bilie's reunion is short lived, however. They are hit by darts and pass out. When Bo comes to Billie is gone. "We don't know how or why, but all of a sudden, she disappears," says Pinson, "and Bo starts to look for her." Billie, meanwhile, has her own agenda. "She is just concentrating on finding out who'se behind the whole island thing. That's all I can say right now," winks the actress.

So, Bo and Hope fans shouldn't worry...yet. "Billie will be wreaking havoc at some point, probably when she's back in Salem," Pinson teases. "That's when the good stuff is gonna happen."