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Julie Related Links

Michael Bruno's Los Angeles Group-- Michael Bruno's site. (Julie's manager) While you're there, don't forget to tell him what a great job he's been doing!!!

As The World Turns Official Site--official site for As The World Turns.

As The World Turns CBS Site--CBS site for As The World Turns.

The Julie Pinson Site-great fan site by Claudine

Jack and Janet Online--A fansite dedicated to Julie's onscreen ATWT character Janet Ciccone and her current love interest Jack Snyder played by the talented Michael Park.

Dust and Janet Fan Forum--A fan forum for fans of the ATWT pairing of Dusty (Grayson McCouch) and Janet (Julie).

Simply Irresistible: Chris and Eve--the original Chris and Eve website that features some great stuff on these two martini buddies. 

Bo and Billie Fans United--A message board dedicated to those who love Bo and Bilile together as a couple!!!

Billie and Frankie Fan Forum--A message board for fans of the potential pairing of Billie and Frankie on Days.

Patrick and Billie Online--A message board for fans who like the thought of a Billie/Patrick pairing.

Soap Opera Related Sites/Forums

Soap Opera Digest .com--Soap Opera Digest's Official online resource for all your latest news on the world of soaps and more! incredible site dedicated to bringing up to date information to readers about their favorite daytime dramas and more.

Jon Lindstrom Official Site--official site for Jon Lindstrom.

Farah Fath Online --official fan site for the talented Farah Fath who can currently be seen on ABC Daytime's One Life To Live.

Kristian Alfonso Online--Kristian's official site. A great place for fans!

Deidre Hall Official Site--Official site for fans of Deidre Hall and her onscreen alterego Marlena Evans Black.

Terri Conn Fansite--A fan site dedicated to the talented Terri Conn.

Michael Park Net--A fan site dedicated to talented Emmy Winner Michael Park (Jack Snyder on ATWT)

Meredith Hagner Fansite--A fan site dedicated to the talented Meredith Hagner (ex-Terri Ciccone on ATWT)

Jay Pickett Online--fansite dedicated to one of PC's sexiest men Frank Scanlon and his portrayer Jay Pickett.

Aiden Turner Net--a fan site dedicated to the talented Aiden Turner who plays Aidan Devane on All My Children.

John Driscoll Fan --a fan source dedicated to John Driscoll who can currenly be seen on Y&R.

Terri Conn Fan Board--A fan board dedicated to Terri Conn.

Maura West Fans Board--A fan board dedicated to Emmy winning actress Maura West (Carly on ATWT)

Peter By KatLucas--A yahoo group dedicated to the handsome and talented Peter Reckell with LOTS of images for fans to enjoy!!!

Fallen--message board dedicated to all daytime soaps. Great place!!! 

Aidan and Greenlee Message Forum--a message board dedicated to the fans of the pairing of Aidan Devane and Greenlee Smythe on All My Children.

Arianne Zucker Fans Forum--a message board dedicated to the fans of Arianne Zucker (Nicole Walker on Days of Our Lives).


Other Sites great fansite to professional wrestler Dave Bautista also known as Batista. A must see for any fan!!