PC's Eve Hovers Near Death

(Soap Opera Digest '00)


Eve's month goes from bad to worse this week on PORT CHARLES, as she clings to life after bein run down by a car.

Explains Julie Pinson (Eve), "She'd gone to the lighthouse to see Kevin and tell him she is alive, and when he wasn't there, she decided to check out the hospital. Then, as she was crossing the street to go back to Ian--boom!"

After the hit-and-run, Eve is rushed to G.H., where she is diagnosed as having sustained life-threatening injuries. "It looks bad," confirms Pinson. Meanwhile, if and when the bruised beauty awakens, there will be two burning issues to settle--first, will there be a reunion with her and hubby, Kevin, now that she's admitted her feelins for Ian, and second, how will she feel once she knows Kevin and Lucy made love? Expect a major confrontation when Lucy and Eve, two iron-willed ladies if there ever were any, eventually lock horns.

Promises Pinson, "When Eve finds out that Lucy changed the DNA tests--and knew that Eve and Ian were alive somewhere, but didn't tell Kevin--she's definitely not going to be happy about that."