Chris never made Eve ask, "What are friends for?" (click on image for full sized pic)

The Object of His Affection

Drs. Chris Ramsey & Eve Lambert

(Soap's In Depth 1999)

Okay, so historically, Chris' motives where Eve is concerned haven't been exactly altruisitic' he's had a crush on her from way back. Still, there's no denying that he has behaved like a womans' best friend (especially since the only thing they have shared that's made her weak in the kness has been pitchers of martinis). First, by letting his fellow medical resident share his penthouse, he saved her from cohabitating with her archenemey, Julie Devlin--and, seeing as Julie turned out to be a serial killer, that move very well may have saved Eve's life as well. then, when suspicion fell on Eve in the investigation into the murder of Bennett Devlin--Julie's father and Eve's ex-lover--Chris saved his pal from sharing a cell block with a whole slew of unsavory roomies by providing her with an imaginary alibi.

Chris covered his own tracks as well as Eve's by coming up with an alibi for the night that Julie's doctor dad finally flatlined. (click on image for full sized pic)