P.C. Confidential
By Tom Stacy (SOD '97)

Three Women of Port Charles Dish about Bonding, Boys and Buddying Up--On The Record

Old Hollywood met new Hollywood when Digest sat down with three of Port Charles’s leading ladies at L.A.’s famous Formosa Café.  The establishment, one of Hollywood’s oldest landmarks, was prominently featured in L.A. Confidential, as Oscar nominee for Best Picture.  So over a few cocktails and lots of appetizers, here’s what the women had to say--

"I think I'm having a therapy session right now." --Julie Pinson

Digest: Eve had an affair with Julie's father, Bennett.  Now she’s dating Karen's father, Scott.  What's up with that?

Jennifer Hammon (Karen): Slut.

Lisa Ann Hadley (Julie): Tramp, tramp, tramp.

Julie Pinson (Eve): I love it!  Love, love, love it!

Hadley: What man doesn't she have a connection with?  That's my question.

Pinson (laughs): Joe Scanlon?
Hammon: (laughs): Better not!

Hadley: What about Frank?

Pinson: Frank?  Hmmm.  That kiss I gave him at that party was really good.  I might have to get me a little more of that. Digest: So far, Julie’s kissed Frank.  Karen’s kissed Joe.  Eve has kissed--let’s see--Scott, Kevin, Frank, Chris, Bennett…

Hammon: Slut.

Hadley: Tramp, tramp, tramp.  It hasn’t been seen on-camera, but she’s kissed the janitor too.

Pinson: Nobody’s supposed to know about that! Digest: Despite all the trials and tribulations, are these three women friends now?

Hammon: Eve and Karen are getting to be friends.

Pinson: Eve and Karen are trying to get to an understanding, and we’ve been together on a few things.  Eve and Julie are still…

Hadley: We have our moments. 

"You're trying to get me in trouble, aren't you?"
--Lisa Ann Hadley
Pinson: Exactly.  I don’t think we’re ready to say, "I love you."  "I love you, too."  Who wants to see that anyway?  I think there needs to be more friction between the three of us.  On the show , that is.

Hadley: Just sleep with a few more people and I’m sure you can create it.

Pinson: You need to sleep with some people, too.

Hammon: I want to sleep with some people, too.

Digest: We all need to sleep with some people.

Pinson: Hey, let's trash the boys.

Digest: Okay.  Let's start with Nolan North (Chris).  Is he pretty much a crack-up on the set?

Pinson: Yes.  Nonstop.

Hadley: Uh-huh.

Hammon: He’s hilarious.  I love Nolan.

Pinson: He does impressions of everybody.  He does impressions of all our characters too.

Hammon: I didn’t know he had a Karen imitation.

Pinson: He does.

Hadley: It'’ll crack you up!

Hammon: Oh, really?  Hmm.

Digest: Rib Hillis (Jake): Cover boy material?

Hammon: A sweetheart.

Pinson: A doll.

Digest: Not hung up on himself?

All: No, no, no.

Hammon: Very focused, always wanting to do a great job.

Hadley: Very giving--as a person and as an actor.

Pinson: Yup.  He really wants the scenes to work.  He’ll bend over backward for you, even personally.  When I moved a few weeks ago, he was like, "Anything you need?  You need my truck?  I’ll take you down to Mexico.  We’ll go get furniture.  Anything you want."  He is just so right there for you in every way.

Digest: Michael Dietz (Joe)?

Hadley: Love, love, love Michael Dietz.  He’s got this little puppy dog….

Hammon: Branson, his rottweiler puppy, that he brings to work with him because she gets lonely.  It that not the sweetest thing?

Pinson: She’s so adorable.

Hadley: Branson goes galloping up and down the hallway into everybody’s dressing rooms.

Pinson: She makes the rounds.

Hadley: If you find shoes in the middle of the hall, you know Brandon’s been there.

Digest: Jay Pickett (Frank)?

Pinson: Oh, Jay.

Hammon: Love Jay.

Hadley: I’m totally biased.  My character adores him and so do I.

Hammon: He’s the greatest guy.

Pinson: Jay is like the Rock of Gibraltar.  He’s the rock of this show.

Hammon: He’s like an older brother, very mature.

Pinson: He’d be the perfect guy if he wasn’t married. I’d be like woo-hoo!

Hammon: You’d be Julie Pinson Pickett.

(They all laugh)