A Brand New Billie

Courtesy of SoapCity

Daytime fans will recognize the lovely and charming Julie Pinson from her roles on Port Charles, where she played Eve Lambert Thornhart, and more recently on

The Young and the Restless where she had a stint as the character Shiloh. Now, she's joined the cast of Days of our Lives for the return of Billie Reed and no one could be happier about it. We sat down with Julie to get her take on moving to Salem.

Julie Pinson showed up in Salem ready to go and it was a good thing. She plunged straight into the middle of an adventure and was going full-speed ahead as the spunky, fearless Billie Reed from the very first moments on set. We thought it might be difficult to get a handle on the character, especially since she's been played by two other actresses (Lisa Rinna and Krista Allen), but we were wrong. "It really isn't," Julie tells us. "It's the funniest thing, but I feel very comfortable with this role. I feel like she has a lot of Eve in her; I played Eve on Port Charles which was the conniving bitchy sort of fun stuff that I like to do. I kind of felt really at home with this character."

Billie and Eve, however, do have their differences. "I think that Billie is a lot tougher than Eve," Julie continues. "Billie is in the ISA and she was a cop, so she's a little tougher, as opposed to Eve who was a doctor and kind of an ex-prostitute! I think Billie is spunky, ready to take on anything or anyone. Bring it on baby! She's done a very good job surviving."

It helps when coming into the middle of a story like this that Julie already knew a number of people in the cast, who she says "were all extremely welcoming and so sweet and so nice." But she does know she has a lot of catching up to do, learning more about Billie's past, from her romance with Bo to her drug addiction to the tragic loss of her daughter, Georgia. We have every faith Julie will figure it all out and be an amazing Billie Reed.

Luckily, Julie started watching Days recently, after getting a new roommate who'd been a fan "since she was like twelve." Julie "got in to the very tail end of the whole Marlena is the serial killer, being trapped in the coffin -- all that. I was screaming! I was laughing. It was so entertaining and so off the wall. Fabulously entertaining. I loved it. I was jumping up and down in my living room going 'I want to be on this show! I want to be Billie!' I love this show!"

It's always refreshing to welcome a fan like Julie into the cast and we wish her all the best in her role as Billie Reed.