Soap Opera Previews: November 01, 2004

Gossip: Days Of Our Lives: Down & Dirty


Ah, the glamorous life of a soap star. "I was face down in the dirt on my first day of work," shares Julie Pinson of her new job playing DAYS OF OUR LIVES' Billie. "But it was great, because I also got to kiss Peter Reckell (Bo) on my first episode!" In fact, Pinson's received nothing but good vibrations since she relocated to Salem. "I felt so much support when I ent in for the test," the grateful actress acknowledges. "It was overwhelming. And these are people that I've only met in passing because the soap opera worls is such a small one." Meanwhile, the actress loves the aptly named Captive Island story into which she's been thrus. "It's like the TWILIGHT ZONE episode where they show this nice little neighborhood," she says. "Only when the camera pulls back, you see big, giant people who are really pulling all the strings!"

Pinson was greeted with a kiss!!!

Days: Hot Topic: Billie's Return

Billie Could Stir Up BIG Trouble!!!



Welcome Back!

A thousand thanks to DAYS OF OUR LIVES for bringing Julie Pinson back to daytime. Ever since rumors that she would be taking over the role of Billie first began circulating a year or two ago, I've been keeping my fingers crossed, as I thought she'd be perfect in the role. I loved her as THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS' Shiloh, but really believed that Billie was the role she was born to play. Now that she's on DAYS, I can't
wait to see what kind of trouble Billie will stir up!!!

Adam Sarker
Atlanta, GA

Back Off, Billie!

Bo and Hope have been through so much over the past few years and now Billie's back on the scene. I hope she's not going to try and come between my favorite couple. Let Billie set her sights on someone else, like maybe Patrick. That way, not only would Bo and Hope's relationship be out of the line of fire, but so would Jack and Jennifer's.

Lisa Fuller

Albany, NY

Island Girl

Is it just a coincidence that Billie suddenly showed up in New Salem? I doubt it. Something tells me that when we find out who's been responsible for everyone winding up on the island, Billie will be up to her eyeballs in it. That girl is nothing but trouble and always has been!

Florence Tate
via E-mail

Happiness Is..

Maybe this time around Billie will finally catch a break. I've always felt as if she got the raw deal in life, from having nasty Nick as a father to falling for a man she could never have. Wouldn't it be great if this time around, Billie found a great guy to fall in love with and at long last got a shot at a happy life that didn't involve making someone else miserable?

LuAnne Grenalt
Utica, NY