“I’m a believer in rewarding oneself,” says Pinson. “I feel like if I do something good, then I deserve it.”

SID: Port Charles In Depth

Having been a struggling actress before landing a contract role on PC, Julie Pinson (Eve) was hesitant to take her newfound success for granted. “In the beginning, I was very conservative--I didn’t know if I would be on the show for very long so I didn’t want to have any big bills yet,” she recalls. Four years and over 1,00 episodes later, a now-more-confident Pinson is enjoying a little decadence. “I bought a Chanel dress recently,” she reveals excitedly, explaining that she bought it to rewards herself. “That was the biggest indulgence, and I couldn’t believe I was doing it!” Pinson says the experience was so fun, it’s a sure bet she’ll repeat it before long. “I am such a slave to fashion--I love all designer (clothing),” she admits, comparing herself to Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Carrie, on SEX AND THE CITY. “That’s how my life has changed. Before, I went to discount stores; now, I go straight to Chanel.”

THAT’S A FACT: Unlike a lot of starving actors, Pinson was never a waitress--she was an office temp.