Julie has offered to answer fan questions when they come onto the site and each time Julie updates her answers, they will be posted here for everyone to see. If you have a question for Julie click here to learn how to ask Julie a question.

March 2009 :

From Lynn: If you weren't an actress , what do you think you would be doing?

Julie's Response: If I weren't an actress, I would be a cake decorator or an animal rescue person.

From Stephanie: Hi, Julie! I know it's rare that you get to share any scenes with Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann, but I was wondering what your thoughts are on Nuke's relationship and their recent milestone (making love for the first time).

Julie's Response: I love Jake and Van. I hope to see more of their relationship on the show.

From CharmingAngel: How different are Billie (Dool) and/or Janet (ATWT)?

Julie's Response: Billie is a victim, Janet is not.

From Sandy: Hello Julie,
It is such a pleasure to watch you as "Janet" on ATWT's! You have made me laugh many, many times and have even made me cry along the way a few times! Thank you so much for the laughter and the tears! And I have to say thanks to you and/or the costumers for wearing that "Blue Jays" T-shirt during your first week on the show! You made this Toronto gal smile and laugh a lot!

I myself have a phrase that I aspire to live by in times of pain and struggle; "Never give into it!" Which I have deriving from a song called "Not Gonna Give In To It", written by my favorite singer, Olivia Newton-John. My question is, do you have a phrase, poem, or quote, etc. that you try to live by within your life that encourages or inspires you at times?

Julie's Response: Hi Sandy. I remember you from the soap cruise. Thanks again for the goody-basket. I ate the chocolate right away! My quote to live by is from Gone With The Wind. "After all, tomorrow is another day."

From Dee: Hi Julie, first off thanks for taking the time to answer questions and second I was curious to know what it was like to work in a movie with Steve Martin and Antonio Banderas. I realize you had small roles in the films, but what was your favorite part of the experience?

Julie's Response: I worked with Antonio Banderas on Mambo Kings. It was his first American film. He didn't speak too much English. He was, however, extremely sweet and humble. I remember liking him cause he was new in this town and down to earth. He knew how lucky he was to be in America doing a big film. I have only good memories of him.

Steve Martin was fantastic. He was always entertaining the crew. He taught me how to shuffle cards on the set. He was big into the magician thing. He was always playing the banjo on set and showing us his magic tricks. I will never forget his puppy, a Golden Retriever named "Roger". He was great with animals.

From Kelly: Of all your different roles through the years what was your favorite storyline and why?

Julie's Response: Of all the roles over the years, I remember the Serena story from Port Charles the most. It was the first dramatic story for Eve. Serena was in a car accident and it was Eve's fault. So the aftermath of the accident was "All About Eve" , so to speak. It was the first time as an actress that I realized that I could cry in a scene and feel something. I felt what it was like to almost lose a daughter, without even having a daughter in real life. That was the first time I could lose myself in a scene and that scene had nothing to do with ME in real life....I hope that makes sense.. Sometimes things happen without you even knowing it is happening in the scene.....

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